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Banning with basic auth and Fail2Ban

By using basic auth on you apps there is nothing stopping people from trying to brute force their way in. But by implementing Fail2ban, you can give the user or intruder x amount of retries before getting banned.

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Allowing apps to work with services using Organizr server auth

When using server authenication to reach theese services you will have trouble using apps like nzb360/Plexpy Remote ect. But by adding an extra block or line in you nginx config you can get around that!

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Ombi V3 and SSO!

How to install the Ombi v3 Beta container on unRAID and get SSO working with Ombi and Plex on Organizr

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Ban everyone with Fail2ban!

In this guide I will explain how to integrate Let's Encrypts Fail2ban with Organizr.

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How to setup Organizr with Let's Encrypt on unRAID

In this guide I will explain the steps I took to get Organizr to be the frontend/homepage for all the Plex tools that I run.

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